Great search engine for year 6 children. Great for information.

Ask for Kids

Another safe search engine to help pupils with their homework.

BBC Schools

Interesting website for children from 4 to 11. You can choose from the different curriculum areas your child learns at school.


This website has lots of fun games and activities for younger children linked to their favourite BBC characters.

Dance Mat Typing

Improve your keyboard skills by meeting the gang and learning to type!


Have fun playing the different games and improve your literacy and numeracy skills at the same time!
Suitable for KS1 and 2 pupils.

Grid Club

A really good online help website, for you to use

ICT Games for Early Years

This is a great website for Foundation Stage children to practise their literacy and numeracy skills. Click on the pictures to activate the games.

Maths Games

Lots of links to maths games websites. Improve your maths skills using some of the activities. Some of the activities are only demo ones but they will still help your maths to get better!


Click on the relevant Key Stage tab for your child to find links to lots of maths games.

Miniclip Website

This website is a good website for Key Stage 2. Not suitable for keystage 1.


This website is suitable for children in keystage2 and over. It is not suitable for younger children.

Primary Games

This website has lots of maths games that are fun to do and yet they enable your child to practise work they are doing in class. As this website is a promotional one, the games are 'for evaluation'; however they are still playable.


This is a great fun website for children in year 2 and over.

The Mouse Club

This is a good website for younger children.


This search engine can be used to find information to help with homework.