Southcoates Primary Academy

Key Stage 2 (KS2) results – 2017-2018

In May 2018 the children in Y6 took the Government SAT tests. These tests were designed to provide challenge to children. The table below shows the percentage of children that achieved the ‘age related expectation’ (ARE) in our school and the percentage that achieved a higher standard (ARE+). It also shows a ‘progress score’ in the final column.

To meet the expected standard (‘floor standard’) a school should have 65% of its children achieving ARE for ‘Reading, Writing & Maths combined’ OR meet the progress score measure in reading, writing and maths.

Progress scores must be better than:

Reading: -5.0

Writing: -7.0

Maths: -5.0

Although we did not meet the floor standard for ARE, we did meet the progress score measure in all 3 of the subjects – as such Southcoates is ABOVE the floor standard for the academic year 2017-2018.

To see how our school has done compared to other Primary Academies and Schools click on the following link which should take you to the Department for Education 'Compare School Performance' website: Department for Education Compare School's Performance wesbite

  Southcoates National Progress score
Y6 SAT’s:      
Reading ARE  62% 75% +1.2
ARE+ 18% 28%
(Average score) (101) (105)
Writing ARE 79% 75 +3.5
ARE+ 10% 10%
Maths ARE 59% 76% +0.9
ARE+ 15% 23%
(Average score) (101) (101)
GAPS ARE 72%  78% 106
ARE+ 10% 34%
Reading, Writing & Maths combined: (Floor target = 65%) 51% 64% N/A
Reading, Writing & Maths combined: (Achieving a higher standard) 10%