Our lunches are are freshly made on site with the choice of either a hot meal choice everyday (different everyday), sandwich choice or a jacket potato with filling.

The menus are available to download from the academy website and are rotated on a 3 weekly basis.

The cost of a school meal is 1.50, whether choosing a hot meal, jacket potato or the 'grab bag' (packed lunch in a bag).  There is a wide variety of meal choices available so we hope there is something available that everyone will like.

If you have any queries or comments to make about school lunches you can either let us know or complete a feedback survey on Mellors website (our catering provider) using the link below.

Link: Mellors Catering


Week 1 - week commencing  - 15th March

Week 2 - week commencing - 22nd March

Week 3 - week commencing - 08th March

Lunch Menus


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