Attendance at Southcoates Primary Academy

At Southcoates Primary Academy, we take a proactive approach towards school attendance – we want everyone to achieve their full potential!

We reward good attendance weekly and termly whilst monitoring the signs of poor attendance to prevent any child falling behind. We believe in identifying the barriers to good attendance early on so that we can encourage families and children to become more engaged with improving their attendance. We have a specialist ‘Attendance Officer’, ‘Wellbeing Worker’ and a ‘Safeguarding Team’ that work relentlessly to get our children into school – we understand the importance of developing a strong relationship with the Southcoates community… good attendance is a team effort between school and home!

If a child’s attendance is good, we offer certificates, prizes and special rewards for those children who are consistently above 96%. Recently, our top attenders have enjoyed ice creams and a visit to our own pick ‘n’ mix shop to reward their incredible efforts.

If a child’s lateness or poor attendance begins to increase, we may call home, send a text message, send out a letter or conduct a home visit – we will always do our best to contact parents and carers to offer our help support. We aim to prevent any child from becoming a ‘Persistent Absentee’. If a child does becomes a ‘Persistent Absentee’, we work closely with the Education Welfarre Service at the Local Authority to address this and may eventually seek court action – parents and carers have a legal duty to make sure their children attend school.

At Southcoates Primary Academy, families are made aware of the importance of having high attendance at school –  educational research clearly evidences that there is a link between poor school attendance and future job prospects.

For more information on our approach to attendance, please read our attendance policy, which can be found on the policies page.


Attendance Documents

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