Nursery School Day

Nursery AM Start: 8.45 am
Nursery AM Finish: 11.45 am
Nursery PM Start: 12.30 pm
Nursery PM Finish: 3.30 pm

Reception, Key Stage 1 & 2 School Day

School day starts: 8.55 am
(the school gates open at 8.45am)  
Lunchtime starts:

Early Years and Key Stage 1 - 11.45 am

Key Stage 2 - 12.15 pm
Afternoon starts: Early Years and Key Stage 1 - 12.45 am
Key Stage 2 - 1.15 pm
School day ends: 3.25 pm

The whole school has a break each morning for 15 minutes, and the children in Reception and Key Stage 1 have a further 15 minute break in the afternoon.

Assemblies are organised daily at varying times during each afternoon.

Lunches are currently provided at a cost of £1.50 per day for KS2 pupils (free for KS1 and FS2 pupils) and under the Council Scheme they promote healthy eating. Children still have the option to bring a packed lunch or to go home for their lunch.

(If they choose to do this—please ensure that they return for afternoon school five minutes before school starts).

If you are eligible to claim free meals for your child, please click on the Free School Meals website option for details of how to apply online.