Pupil Premium: 2020 / 2021


‘Pupil Premium’ is a fixed sum of money allocated to schools to support those children who most need additional support. It is targeted to help children overcome the barriers they face to their learning. The main barriers we have identified are:


  • Language development (specifically talking and reading)
  • Social and emotional aspects of learning – this has increased priority this year in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and school closure (March to July)
  • Enrichment and experience
  • Learning to learn -  learning dispositions
  • Attendance & Punctuality (including ‘persistent absenteeism’)


The impact of how we utilise this funding is monitored closely:


We analyse which pupils are underachieving and why this happens: this gives us a realistic view of the barriers to achievement experienced by many pupils and allows us to formulate an appropriate response.

  • This is monitored termly in Pupil Progress Meetings.


We use a range of evidence including the Education Endowment Fund toolkit to allocate funding strategies that have high impact.

  • Pupil Progress Meetings are used to discuss progress within current strategies/programmes and identify potential future interventions.


We place greatest emphasis upon high quality teaching and interventions are planned in waves to support learning where pupils need to catch up or require additional challenge.

  • Lesson observation, enquiry walks and Pupil Progress Meetings are used to monitor the quality of teaching.


We use internal and publicly available achievement data to check the impact of interventions and to make adjustments where these are necessary.

  • Pupil Progress Meetings, the outcomes of internal and national testing inform this impact.


The Principal has oversight of how Pupil Premium funding is being spent and holds staff to account for progress via termly ‘Pupil Progress Meetings’.

  • These meetings are held termly, with on-going work looking at outcomes in books and lesson delivery (observation, etc.)


Governors have an understanding of the way that Pupil Premium funding is used to support achievement and demonstrate challenge to leaders around the impact of this additional resource. They ensure that money is spent appropriately and monitor impact.

  • The Principal keeps Governors informed via Academy Improvement Committee meetings each term.


The allocation of resources is reviewed on a termly basis and Governors approve the overall spending on an annual basis. This is undertaken in the Summer Term, in order to plan for the new academic year.


This is a breakdown of our current allocation.



Current Year (’20/’21) Allocation:



How the allocation is being spent:





The majority of funding continues to pay for additional staffing:

- specialist reading input (training and staff release time)


- additional teachers to support smaller teaching groups in KS2


- Well-being worker

- Learning links worker

- Attendance officer

- Additional Nursery Nurses
(a total of 37.5hrs per week)


In addition this year we are purchasing additional support from an Educational Psychologist.


We also be employ additional teaching assistant support for KS1.


We will also continue to run a range of after school activities.


Breakfast Club:

- staffing

- Catering costs


- Trips /excursions


































Pupil Premium