PE & Sport Premium: 2018-2019

Allocation to Southcoates Primary - £18,360

Use of this funding:

This year Southcoates Primary Academy have been building on last year’s participation with organised events and have entered and taken part in more competitions against other schools; including a cross country run, indoor athletics, dodgeball, quad kids and Archifest. The opportunity for children to take part in the planned sporting competitions has had a real and positive impact on their confidence and eagerness to participate. We have been fortunate enough to include children from all phases to represent Southcoates. We have continued working closely with children who are less active aiming to build on their strengths.

Children are now very much a part of the planning of playground games, healthy eating discussions with the older children sharing their experiences and knowledge with the younger children. This is proving to be very popular! The older children will be following a training programme so this can continue next year.

To ensure quality teaching continues in sport we will, again be investing in professional agencies coming into school and working with the teachers on their individual CPD needs. Due to teacher’s development children are becoming more confident in more areas of PE ad sport, this is due to lessons concentratingand improving basic skills more effectively.

We are again investing in our sports day event, making this an occasion to be proud of. All the children are included with the preparation and participating. Sports day is becoming an event which is looked forward to by staff, pupils and family. Last year we introduced an opening ceremony which proved very successful. We are working hard to provide another amazing event.

We will be continuing to replace and update equipment which is needed to support the teaching of the skill needed to enable our children to succeed.

We have successfully made positive links with local clubs and schools and will endeavour to maintain this. This has long term benefits for the children who learn to work collaboratively.  It has also helped with the transition from primary to secondary school.

PE & Sport Premium