Sport and Physical Education at Southcoates Primary Academy

At Southcoates Primary Academy, our aim is to develop a love of lifelong learning in our children to prepare them for life beyond our school gates. We feel that Physical Education is important to help us fulfil this statement. We work hard to provide inclusive, high quality lessons, health education and extra-curricular activities that are accessible to all children in our school.


Our Curriculum and Extra-Curricular Provision


At Southcoates Primary Academy, we provide a wide range of physical activities, accessible to all, to engage and inspire pupils. With use of School Sports Premium funding, we have engaged with the Hull FC School Sports Partnership to develop specialist coaching and CPD for staff, to ensure high quality lessons are accessible to all children. This year, specialist coaches have worked with all year groups, from Early Years to Year 6, to enrich their sporting opportunities in order to develop the important skills, in line with government recommendations and Sport England, expected for ages and stages.

Our aim is to enable children to exceed the target of the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity each day. We promote healthy lifestyles throughout our curriculum, both in and out of PE lessons, engaging in cross- curricular active learning where possible. Through use of the Sport Premium Funding, we have enhanced our sporting provision across break-times and lunchtimes, with coaches engaging children in lively lunchtime activities. Through the use of the Sport Premium Funding, we have provided sports equipment trollies for each key stage to enrich sports provision during break times and lunch times, and this has shown a positive impact on children’s collaborative sporting skills. A target that we hope to achieve is to train our children to become playground leaders so they can engage all of their peers to become more active during break times, and to give the children ownership over promoting active and healthy lifestyles.

We refer to AfPE and Sports National Governing Bodies, with support from Hull Active Schools Partnership, to ensure we are adhering to constantly reviewed guidelines, ensuring that our practice is up-to-date and relevant.  We are working hard to ensure that any missed swimming education will be provided before our children leave school in Year 6.

We offer an extensive extra-curricular afterschool programme, without charge, developed to provide all of our children with access to a range of sports and activities. We signpost to local voluntary sports clubs to increase engagement in sporting activities. Our current programme includes team-building, multi-sports clubs, tag rugby, football and dodgeball. Questionnaires have been sent to parents to analyse the engagement with these clubs and to steer the direction of any future clubs. We feel that it is important that the clubs that we offer provide opportunities that our children may not be able to access outside of school. Participation and attendance is continuously monitored, in curricular and extra-curricular activities, to address any gaps in engagement. Our clubs are inclusive for all pupil groups. Through pupil voice, children are asked for input on clubs and sports they would like to participate in, to ensure our offer is relevant. Since the uplifting of some Covid restrictions, we are now able to enter a variety of competitions to ensure all Key Stage 2 pupils are given the opportunity to engage in competitive and non-competitive events, widening their cultural experiences. These events will be accessible for all pupil groups; Southcoates values inclusivity.


PE & Sport Premium

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