Phonics at Southcoates

Your child is learning to read and write through the “Read, Write, Inc” phonics programme. This begins in Nursery where children start to learn single letter sounds. In Reception they learn to recognise more sounds and then to blend these sounds together to make words. They quickly develop their word reading and move on to reading simple story books.  

The children are taught in small storybook groups where everyone is reading at the same level. In Read Write Inc, the children are assessed every 6 – 8 weeks to ensure they are in the correct group and make rapid progress. They move through the storybook groups and learn to read longer, more complex books. They read an interesting range of fiction and non-fiction books.

Every Read Write Inc lesson includes a range of reading activities to help develop fluency and comprehension. As well as this children complete spelling, punctuation and grammar activities and apply these in writing tasks linked to the storybook they are reading.

We are recognised as a Read Write Inc accredited school. This shows that we raise standards in reading and writing for all children and help the most vulnerable children with intervention and support. We have regular training sessions and visits from Ruth Miskin coaches to update our knowledge of Read Write Inc.

If you would like to find out more information about Read Write Inc and how to support your child with phonics and reading please visit the websites below: