Southcoates Primary Academy is committed to the inclusion of all pupils, within the school curriculum and participation in all aspects of school life.

Teaching and Learning

We ensure that all pupils receive quality first teaching. We provide an exciting, creative and effective learning environment, recognising and responding to individual learning styles. We aim to help each child experience success and to embrace every opportunity by providing the highest -standard of education and care. Children take responsibility for and participate fully in their own learning. Our balanced curriculum meets all statutory requirements and caters for all pupils to help them fulfil their potential and achieve optimal educational outcomes.

The approach to teaching pupils with special educational needs varies, dependent upon the need of the particular child. Children with special educational needs are supported and scaffolded, through the use of additional resources or modified work, to ensure that they reach their full potential. Provision is planned and reviewed regularly and interventions are organised for children who require specific help to develop skills, such as speech and language, fine motor skills or social skills. Some of the interventions that are used at Southcoates Academy are:

  • In class support, where a teaching assistant or teacher may support one or more children to understand the content of the lesson.
  • Small group withdrawal, where a member of staff may deliver a short term literacy, numeracy or other intervention to a small group of pupils.
  • One to one withdrawal, where there may be a targeted support in their area of need, e.g. Precision Teach, Speech and Language Therapy.
  • Social skills or friendship groups where appropriate.
  • Lego Therapy.
  • Fine Motor Skills or Gross Motor Skills groups where appropriate.

All requirements for equipment and facilities will be assessed for each pupil individually. Dependent upon the nature of the need, funding may be provided by the Academy or requested from other appropriate agencies. These may include specialist equipment for physical, visual, and hearing needs.

Monitoring Progress

The Academy closely monitors the progress of all pupils, including those with special educational needs in termly Pupil Progress Meetings. The effectiveness of the provision for these pupils is evaluated by ensuring that they make adequate progress.

The school follows a graduated approach system to identify children who are not making the required progress, and to identify and plan for children who have special educational needs. The pupil support plan is reviewed termly between the class teacher and SENCO, and the class teacher and parents.

Pupils who are receiving support that is additional to or different from their peers, due to special educational needs, will be assessed on a termly basis in all of their subjects in line with the whole Academy policy of termly assessment of progress. In addition, these pupils may be assessed in more specific terms using more detailed testing, to evaluate their level of progress in their specific area(s) of difficulty. For example, Sandwell Testing may be carried out by the Maths Co-ordinator to identify specific areas of difficulty.

Pupils who do not make adequate progress through the graduated approach may be further assessed by external agencies, such as the Educational Psychologist, IPASS, and Speech and Language Therapy Services.

Staff Training

The staff at Southcoates Primary Academy are signposted to relevant training as and when needs arise. The SENCO has a diploma in Inclusive Education and staff training already undertaken has included safeguarding, understanding and supporting learning which included working memory, learning styles and metacognition. Staff have also undertaken training around differentiation, attachment and autism.

It is our duty to provide equal opportunities for every person in our care and a safe and fully equipped learning environment which caters to the needs of every child as an individual.