History, Geography, Art and Design Technology

In Year One through to Year Six, the four foundation subjects of history, geography, art and technology are taught in weekly blocks. These weekly blocks are referred to as ‘theme weeks’. History and art are taught in the first and last week of one half term; geography and design technology are taught in the first and last week of the second half term, with this structure alternating on a half termly basis. The objectives and skills that are found in each subject overview document were decided upon by staff using the 2014 National Curriculum and the Chris Quigley Skills Curriculum as a foundation. Planning is designed to be engaging, creative and inspiring, whilst still being rooted in the requirements for each curriculum subject and the basic skills of literacy and mathematics. In the Early Years, the theme focus is intertwined through all subjects on an ongoing basis throughout the term.

To enrich the learning experiences for our children, as well as covering objectives linked to the National Curriculum through classroom based learning, Southcoates Primary Academy have developed a Cultural Passport which outlines the experiences that we aim to provide for each child over the course of their time at Southcoates. Southcoates Primary Academy gained Silver Level Artsmark status in September 2018. When surveyed about children’s cultural experiences, in June 2018, we received positive comments from parents such as: “So much effort is put into the children and the things they enjoy. It is a really great place of learning and experiencing new things for children.” Upon being awarded Silver Level Artsmark status, a Senior Officer at Artsmark commented: “Southcoates has succeeded in drawing out the arts elements within teaching and learning and finding ways that celebrate their impact and effect.” For more information about the experiences provided for children, please refer to the Southcoates Cultural Passport.

Maths and English

Where possible, the maths and English planning throughout the school will use the theme focus as a stimulus. Please refer to the maths and English progression documents for more information.

Science and Computing

Science and computing are taught as a standalone subject although, where possible, the subjects are linked to the theme. For example, during the Planet Earth theme, KS1 will focus on the habitats unit of science.

In Computing, we use the resource Purple Mash to supplement the teaching of computing.

Religious Education

Our agreed syllabus for RE follows the ‘RE in Hull’ scheme.


In music, we follow the Charanga scheme of work.

Modern Foreign Language (MFL)

At Soutcoates Primary Academy, Spanish is taught in Key Stage Two, following the iLearning scheme. In Years Three and Four, Spanish is taught on a weekly basis. In Years Five and Six, Spanish is taught in a one week block, once a year.

Physical Education (PE)

Each class takes part in two hours of PE per week, of which some lessons cover lessons from the ‘Maths of the Day’ scheme.

PSHE (Jigsaw)

Every year group, from Early Years through the Y6, follow the ‘Jigsaw’ scheme of work. This is taught on a weekly basis and, over the course of each year, in every year group, covers the following units:

  • New beginnings;
  • Getting on and falling out;
  • Going for goals;
  • Good to be me;
  • Relationships;
  • Changes.


At Southcoates Primary Academy English is split into five main areas: reading, writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar and talk. Read, Write Inc, Read, Write Inc Spelling, Talk for Writing, Inference and RSC Rehearsal Room Approaches are used to support the teaching of English.

In Foundation phonics and story time are taught daily. Mark making is offered as continuous provision and formal writing is introduced in the Spring term.

Stories and writing stimulus are based on the Phase’s focus of the whole school theme.

In Key Stage One an hour of reading is taught every day using the Read, Write Inc programme. Spelling, punctuation and grammar are also taught daily in a half hour session.

A range of texts linked to the whole school theme are used as stimulus.

In Key Stage Two the children have two hours of English each day. This comprises of an hour of reading and spelling and an hour of writing, which includes punctuation and grammar.

Each half term the children learn a text linked to the whole school theme using Talk for Writing strategies. A range of genres are then covered each half term linked to the Phase focus.


At Southcoates Primary Academy, maths is split into nine main areas: Number and place value; Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; Fractions (including decimals and percentages); Ratio and proportion; Measures; Geometry: Properties of shape; Geometry: Position and direction; Statistics and Algebra. Big maths, Maths Whizz and Maths of the Day are used to support the teaching of maths.

In Early Years, maths is taught daily.

Maths is also taught across the curriculum tied in to the whole school theme.

In Key Stage One an hour of maths is taught every day using the strategy of concrete/pictoral/abstract with an additional hour of maths each week taught using Maths of the Day where maths is linked to PE.

In Key Stage Two the children have one hour of maths each day with an additional afternoon of maths in upper key stage two.

Maths is taught following the progression of objectives as set out in our Academy curriculum overview documents.

Throughout the Academy, children are taught a mathematical concept, they then apply this concept in a range of scenarios including problem solving.